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Monkey Island

Helping you develop or exit your business with

Strategy, Funding and Operational Excellence

About You

Our clients are smaller businesses with big ambitions.  

They want to know how to develop strategic thinking, raise the money to grow, find the resources to implement and above all, create personal wealth.

We help them do it.
Raising Funds

Growing businesses need finance.

We have raised over £45m on behalf of our clients, through Equity, Loans and Grants.

The money is there
    - can YOU to get? it?
“Five years ago my ambition was to stop being a Arboriculture equipment dealer and to build my own machines. Monkey Island have helped me realise that dream. Today we have patents, manufacturing in China and Czech and we sell our own products in over 10 countries.”

Patrick Watts, MD
Predator Manufacturing Ltd.
“2 years ago we asked Monkey Island to initiate an exit strategy for our specialist consultancy company (Airports worldwide).
We are exceptionally pleased with the journey they took us on, the focus we achieved and above all, we were able to sell our business for far more that our original expectations.”

Michael Shorthose, chairman
Helios Technology Ltd.

TeleMarketing company

We helped fund the CCP Telemarketing, software for a virtual contact centre handling outbound and inbound calls- linked to a national network of home-based tele-sales agents.

Mike Graves, MD

Contact Centre Plus

David Saul

CEO, Monkey Island





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