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Monkey Island

Helping you develop or exit your business with

Strategy, Funding and Operational Excellence

Our clients want to think strategically and to make the most of their core capabilities.
This involves looking inward at the company values and competencies and outward at the market. Once positioned for battle, a strategic action plan will then inform the business development.
We help them do it.
What are the barriers to growth?

Lack of working capital - cash

Lack of management time to do the day-to-day jobs and drive growth.

Lack of management expertise in business strategy.
We helped Fusion develop and implement a strategic plan, resulting in a successful company sale.
We helped
Helios, an Airport consultancy, raise £1.5m to aid growth.

We helped Liberator, an IT outsourcing supplier, with its strategic growth and business development.

L       I       B      E      R    A       T     O    R ™

We negotiated a successful sale of Random Harvest Pictures - makers of “The War Bride”.
We raised the money and helped implement the strategy for Predator to start manufacturing its own range of tree Stump Grinders.